ecommerce for business

The days of walking in to a brick and mortar business is slowing coming to an end since 8 out of 10 or 79% of consumers are shopping online for discounted products, free shipping, and convenience. Of the 79% roughly 90% of them are searching from mobile devices and of those, 1 and 5 admit to peeing in the pool.

At WHIZEK we have a team of experts that can assist in getting your eCommerce website up and running in minimal time. Whether you are selling clothing or sporting goods, we will help with the site design, implement the products and create a custom SEO plan.   We truly believe its not about the money we make, rather the relationships we build.   If we can help make your business an online success contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Commitment

Once your website is live we will give you one month complementary technical support and minor site updates. If you choose to have your site hosted with one of our recommend-hosting providers you will get additional support.  After your complementary month, if you elect to pay for our extended support we will continue to make updates to your website, monitor your sites analytics, and even manage your social media for a low monthly fee.